Angie Kain Photography | About

    I'm just  a Midwest girl born and raised. I am a wife and a mother of some pretty amazing kids. I am a follower of God. I have been so blessed and I really enjoy the friendships God has so amazingly blessed us with. Forever friends are hard to find. I am glad mine can handle me :) 

My grandma is my best friend and she just so happened to buy me my first camera at the age of 10. I tell her everything and she is my biggest fan. She is such a strong independent women. She has helped me become so much of who I am today. 

I love all animals and want a horse more than anything else.  I also love gardening and flowers. I enjoy painting and vintage finds and I am always redecorating something. I enjoy music and a good glass of wine. I am definitely a creative fly by the seat of my pants - one of a kind little lady. I am a bit  OCD and a whole lot of ADHD. My husband is an amazingly patient man. At least It's not boring around here:)

I love to laugh and joke around and have a great time with my family and friends. I really enjoy cooking and entertaining.